Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Darcy and Rain

This is a painting of a little 4 yr. old girl from our community that was diagnosed with a brain tumor that turns out to be a rare form of cancer that is highly aggressive. She arrived at St. Judes hospital this week in Tennessee for treatment. Survival rate for this type of cancer is less than 10%. Our community has really stepped up to have fundraisers just about every week now for the family (she has a brother and two sisters at home). I just happened to take a picture of her this past year at our riding club playday, this gave me a chance to do a painting for the family. It will be on display during our riding club fundraiser and presented to the family on March 8th. I think this is by far the most valuable painting that I've ever done, in addition to, the most heartfelt. I really am scared of painting people, I kind of fake it till I make, but this is one painting that I just prayed to God to let the paint flow and you know did! Please keep Darcy in your prayers. She's a fighter and a champ! Thank you, Judy

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  1. Judy! Wow--this is a painting the family will treasure--you really captured the little girl's excitement of being on a horse--great work; and what a gift.